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Being an Ideapreneur — Is that enough?

Recently I came across a YouTube video of one of India’s biggest software IT companies that glorified the concept of “Ideapreneurs”. I found it particularly intriguing because the ideation is usually the preliminary step of any creative activity. Let’s take a close look at what the word “ideapreneur” means :- An ideapreneur is a person that … Continue reading


2 Reasons Why Taking Risks Can Transform Your Life

Here why you need to let go of that ‘stable’ mentality Dhoni –who is arguably India’s most popular cricketer till date (barring Sachin Tendulkar) –radiates a kind of aura that few can replicate.In an age where most celebs have nervous breakdowns at the slightest hint of success or clutter,Dhoni is a model for those who … Continue reading

Could ‘Over-Motivation’ be bad for you?

A look at why you need to control the dosage of motivational stuff in your life Person A has decided to take control of his cluttered life,stop procrastination and to be healthy(read muscular).He figures that to start positively, it would be wise to learn from the experts and buys a few books — How to Win … Continue reading

Flush It Down!

Going from ‘stuck’ to ‘unstuck’ There are times in the past when I constantly went into a self-convincing mode to justify my continuance with a person or a habit that seemed to cause a lot of heartburn (not the acid reflux type)and waste a lot of time. After a while,I trained myself to visualize something … Continue reading


A 3 step concept to help you make sure you are “on course”   Have you ever had problems coping with changes in your life?It may have been a new job where you had problems making sense of the new responsibilities (or)you were trying to fit in to the lifestyle of the city you just … Continue reading

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