A 3 step concept to help you make sure you are “on course”


Have you ever had problems coping with changes in your life?It may have been a new job where you had problems making sense of the new responsibilities (or)you were trying to fit in to the lifestyle of the city you just moved to.Some people just say things will eventually work out and that you don’t need to necessarily go out of the way to acclimatize. However,having a strategy helps you save the time and energy you may lose when you “go with the flow”.

I have an analogy for the uncertainty you may be experiencing—Imagine you are in a boat that is out at sea and you have to no way of steering your boat(just think that you are in a basic boat without the GPS ,radar,motor etc).Your boat will be moved according to the wind and the tidal currents.You need SOMETHING to help you steer to your desired destination.

Introducing..the OAR..the simple tool that will give direction.

OAR (in this case)is an acronym forObserve,Assimilate and Reinvent/Replicate.

The first step to dealing with any new situation/problem is to perceive correctly the change that you are faced with.This is the ‘Observe’ phase where you identify the situation that you want to master and see how others have dealt with similar situations.

The next step is to ‘Assimilate’ by analyzing the pros and cons of the situation.During this step,you look at your situation from various angles and focus on maximizing the positives.

The final step is ‘Reinvent’ or ‘Replicate’.Depending on the nature of your skill-set,situation or experience you can reinvent (example finding a different way of doing a job)or just replicate the success methods followed by others.

So,the next time you are caught in the troubled waters of your mind,make sure you use theOAR to give you direction.

“The Good Life is a Process,Not a State of Being.It is a Direction Not a Destination” —Carl Rogers

 Photo Credit:Caleb George Morris


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