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Is your LinkedIn user experience genuine?

LinkedIn, the most prominent online portal for networking and job search could do with a few tweaks to ensure that users have a more authentic experience. Though deciding whether an invite is from a genuine person should be the user’s prerogative,LinkedIn can go a long way to ensure that people are not duped. Here are … Continue reading


HDFC Demat Account needs to become more transparent

I opened a demat account recently with HDFC Bank with the intention of learning the ropes of trading/investing and found a few things along the way that could be a bit more transparent for account holders.For example, the way the demat account dashboard just displays the Unrealized Profit/Loss* status without including the Brokerage fees information. Someone … Continue reading

Can Virtual Reality be used in Indian Matrimonial Space?

I have been watching the evolution of Virtual reality with keen interest since Google and Facebook acquired Magic Leap and Oculus Rift respectively. Since then there have been a lot of articles speculating on the scope of Virtual reality in several domains like education,real estate and travel.The recent release of Cardboard piqued my interest and led me … Continue reading

Can Digital Food Ordering reduce Carbon Footprint?

Just read an article about digital food ordering increasing to 300 percent compared to dine-in traffic. This is due to  a large number of people opting to order-in using apps or websites like which most restaurants are increasingly starting to use to attract and retain customers. The spike in digital food ordering has a … Continue reading

What a free upgrade to Windows 10 could mean to you

Was reading a random WIRED article(read it here)and came across the news that Microsoft was planning to offer the Windows 10 upgrade for free. Apparently,the decision was taken to increase the number of customers who otherwise did not want to pay for the licensed versions!! The article says that Microsoft figured out that having non-paying … Continue reading

Are Auto-rickshaw commuters more susceptible to back Problems?

A few days ago as I was travelling in an auto-rickshaw (am in India and the 3-wheeler auto-rickshaw is one of  the  travel options that is available) when I realized something as the auto (short for auto-rickshaw)  went into the umpteenth pothole. For those of you who have not traveled in India ,potholes and bumps … Continue reading

Skully AR-1 – The “Thinking Cap” for motorcyclists

I just came across a revolutionary motorcycle helmet called  Skully AR-1 that is set to transform the motorcycling experience of riders worldwide.I am in India and here’s what I foresee:– Important calls can be answered on the go(on the flip side you cannot give excuses about not attending calls since you were bike riding!!) Long rides would be more … Continue reading

Will Big Data become ‘big’ among Writers?

As part of my job,I recently had to attend a demo session on Big Data to understand the scope of the technology. Before attending the session,I did some research and what I learnt convinced me that this was a concept that was misunderstood by a vast section of the population who had labelled Big Data as … Continue reading

Polybrowser — a must for multitasking

A couple of days ago, I came across a panoramic browser—Polybrowser —while spending some time on LinkedIn.Shown below is a short video explaining the functionality of the browser :– This product was released almost a year ago and is currently available for download and use. I have started using it and here are the … Continue reading

Flipkart’s “The Billion Day” is more than a Million Dollar Idea

I was following Flipkart’s promotion of the  “The Billion Day” on 6th October (the date of the sale is the number of the flat that the business started out from) and was very impressed by the timing of the sale.Here are 3 top factors that Flipkart has considered to convert this event into a massive success … Continue reading

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