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Here’s why how you spend your ‘Downtime’ is important

Hobbies. The word conjures up mental images of activities that we engage in when we are in a relaxed state . Most people simply equate hobbies with something that they do when they don’t work.When interviewees at a job interview are asked what their hobbies are, answers are given without much thought about the true … Continue reading


Is your LinkedIn user experience genuine?

LinkedIn, the most prominent online portal for networking and job search could do with a few tweaks to ensure that users have a more authentic experience. Though deciding whether an invite is from a genuine person should be the user’s prerogative,LinkedIn can go a long way to ensure that people are not duped. Here are … Continue reading

Here’s why you need a healthy dose of irreverence

More often than not to alter the status quo,one need an important additional characteristic besides an inquiring mind. This trait may be mistaken for arrogance or cockiness but I generally rate it slightly above “quiet confidence”. The trait that I am talking about is Irreverence. Wait,did I just advocate irreverence? Yes.Irreverence does not mean that … Continue reading

Lessons learnt from the “The Herd”

More often than not we come across advice that warns us about having a “herd mentality” and exhorting people to be “path-breaking”and “exploring uncharted waters”. I feel this advice has its merits but is taken to extremes by people who misunderstand that following the crowd is always a time-consuming and wasteful exercise which does not … Continue reading

Social Media Insights for Recruiting– Are they reliable?

An increasingly common occurrence that job seekers experience these days is recruitment portals requesting access to their social media profiles. Recruitment as an activity is becoming more complex by the day with the increase in the number of candidates.The fact that a resume can easily be manipulated to enhance one’s prospects calls for a more … Continue reading

Being Discreet At your Workplace can increase Productivity

Anyone who has worked in an office setup would have come across office gossip directly or indirectly. And then there are some colleagues who want to know everything that happens within the walls of the office. You might think it is harmless to share some information with your colleagues on issues that are not generally … Continue reading

Desk Jobs Could be Less Painful in the Future

Recently I came across a lot of posts explaining the benefits of working on a Standing Desk .Apart from reducing postural imbalances,the merits of using a Standing Desk are well-documented but it would be a stretch to convince a huge number of people to start using Standing desks immediately. As of now,there are very few companies … Continue reading

4 Reasons you should be active on Quora

Quora is a  great place to interact and learn from other people and I have been using it sporadically for the last 6 months (more time spent this past month). If you are unsure about its USP,please read the 4 reasons I have outlined below :– 1.Ever have the need to get a burning question answered … Continue reading

Is Body Language a huge factor while Selling?

Here’s why over-reliance on body language cues can be misleading You might have probably read Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment (I’m a huge fan) which talks about the importance of having a firm handshake and a genuine smile, among other things,to make a lasting impression.Anyone from a sales/corporate background knows that the importance of positive body language cannot be … Continue reading

5 Lapses that can Bury your Career

Avoid these pitfalls at workplace to save your career Ever wondered why you got passed over for that promotion when you did everything conceivable to get it?Think that your colleague got a better(unfair) deal ?Maybe you feel like this(see below):- The look that shows disapproval about your boss’s ‘approval’ Knowing what not to do is as important … Continue reading

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