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Which is better: Watching the News or Reading about it?

Recently I made a few changes to my lifestyle to increase my productivity and to decrease my stress levels. The approach I’ve started following is not radical in any sense but I would like to share it with the world as I feel that there is too much noise nowadays on issues that lack substance. … Continue reading


What you see is what you don’t get..

Very often we see news on the TV and Internet that incites passions and polarises views.One can never be sure of the real reason the media is propagating this news. Is it to ensure that justice is meted out correctly or is it just a cheap stunt to spike TRP ratings? Is it,then, worthwhile to engage in speculations … Continue reading

Beware of your Bank!!

The word bank conveys a feeling of  safety and stability. Most people generally trust their bank more when compared to other institutions.Lately,banks in India (where I live) seem to have gone overboard in their quest to increase profitability. The calls from banks are generally about any one of these : Home loans,car loans,credit card loans,EMI … Continue reading


More often than not when you are caught in the whirl of your professional life and find it tough to keep up with the pace of your personal life,you need to take a step back. Yes,that’s the simple solution. Take. A. Step. Back. Sometimes plans go awry and bad habits creep in and taking a … Continue reading

3D Printed Meat: Is it good as it sounds?

Recently I was forwarded an article by my boss at work and came across someone who was exhorting the benefits of 3D Printed meat;specifically  in relation to prevention of animal slaughter by manufacturing artificial meat. I was mildly amused and reached out to the person (Vivek Wadhwa) who had posted the article,on Twitter . The … Continue reading

Are your Investments in alignment with your values?

If you are one of those people who don’t like to invest directly in shares and gravitated towards mutual funds (as it does not include the hassle of monitoring your investment frequently),you need to re-evaluate your priorities immediately. Sometime ago, I started investing in mutual funds as part of my evolving relationship with my money. … Continue reading

Is Ohm really a magic word?

A few years ago, when I visited the barber for a haircut (obviously)– he was playing some kind of religious CD and one word was repeated over and over again. That word was “OHM”. Listening to it had a soothing effect on me and I decided to delve deeper. Since I am in India, it … Continue reading

How much of “Movie Time” can you really afford?

Very often people wrongly attribute movie-watching to a loss in productivity. They can’t be more wrong. Movie- watching gives your mind a temporary break from everyday stress and can be used effectively to recharge your batteries (figuratively speaking) and change your perspective. But how much of “movie time” is really beneficial? When you watch movies in … Continue reading

Myntra’s “app only” move : Boon or Bane?

A few days ago Myntra announced their shift to an “app-only” mode. Will this affect Myntra? Should or Snapdeal follow suit? Let’s find out: Myntra has 10 million plus users as of now. Since Flipkart acquired Myntra,this “app only” move might be an experiment by Flipkart to determine if they can move to “app … Continue reading

Food for Thought…Ugh!!

Discovered a weird correlation a few months ago and never actually thought it was a big deal but realized that there might be people out there who might benefit…here it is:– Do you keep your toothbrush exposed in the restroom? What do I mean by exposed?Well,like this(see below).. OK,now you might ask, SO WHAT? Now for a … Continue reading

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