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2 Reasons Why Taking Risks Can Transform Your Life

Here why you need to let go of that ‘stable’ mentality Dhoni –who is arguably India’s most popular cricketer till date (barring Sachin Tendulkar) –radiates a kind of aura that few can replicate.In an age where most celebs have nervous breakdowns at the slightest hint of success or clutter,Dhoni is a model for those who … Continue reading

Is the Anderson – Jadeja spat real?

Inside scoop on the latest cricket controversy This conversation took place a few days before the start of the IND vs ENG (ongoing) Test series between the ECB and the BCCI :– BCCI:”We are thinking of truncating the 5-test series to a 4 (or) 3 -test series”. ECB: “Good Heavens!Why is that?What happened? BCCI: We don’t think a … Continue reading

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