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Being an Ideapreneur — Is that enough?

Recently I came across a YouTube video of one of India’s biggest software IT companies that glorified the concept of “Ideapreneurs”. I found it particularly intriguing because the ideation is usually the preliminary step of any creative activity.

Let’s take a close look at what the word “ideapreneur” means :-

An ideapreneur is a person that is continuously initiating innovative ideas which are centered around the core goal of solving problems and acting upon them.

Now contrary to popular belief,ideas are easy to come by,it is the discipline required to follow through with an idea resulting in a viable product/action plan that is commendable.

The word ideapreneur is generally used in corporate circles to encourage ideation amongst their employees and to make employees feel valued about their participation in brainstorming sessions.

An ideapreneur can never assume satisfaction and should strive towards becoming an intrapreneur or an entrepreneur to enjoy wholesome satisfaction in the realization of one’s capabilities.

So,if you are someone who is basking in the glory of your ideas, don’t fall into the trap of complacency… there is a long way to go to achieve your full creative potential

About Jose Gauravselvam Kagoo

Hi There!I am Jose Gauravselvam Kagoo. I am an Indian by birth but consider myself a citizen of the world ( which enables me to shamelessly switch nationalities during cricket matches). I like to read extensively, watch movies, dissect everyday aspects of life and learn continuously. All the views expressed here are my own.


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