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How to Not Give Directions!

Learning to give proper directions to a destination does not necessarily provide you an edge in any way but can certainly save a lot of time for people receiving the instructions!! I live in Chennai where it is quite easy to get directions(not necessarily accurate) as people here are very helpful.On a couple of occasions … Continue reading


3 Weird Cricketing Statements That Make No Sense

I have been an ardent cricket fan for more than 20 years and have picked up the nuances of the game by playing,watching & listening to commentary(I don’t know why I am telling you about my involvement with cricket;as though someone needs to provide credentials to be a cricket critic!!).I have come across 3 statements … Continue reading

6 Ways Indians spruce up their Facebook Profile before marriage

Common FB behavior patterns displayed before Indian marriages After looking at thousands of FB posts (I am not a stalker just a caring and curious friend 🙂 ) ,I have finally established 6 behavior patterns among Indians who are looking to get married (especially “arranged marriages”).Here they are:– 1.Photos of swimsuit wear suddenly disappears (removed/hidden from view … Continue reading

Is the Anderson – Jadeja spat real?

Inside scoop on the latest cricket controversy This conversation took place a few days before the start of the IND vs ENG (ongoing) Test series between the ECB and the BCCI :– BCCI:”We are thinking of truncating the 5-test series to a 4 (or) 3 -test series”. ECB: “Good Heavens!Why is that?What happened? BCCI: We don’t think a … Continue reading

5 Unconventional WhatsApp Uses

Use these ‘connect’ tips if you are paranoid,stalking or dealing with plain old ‘confusion’   Thought that WhatsApp was merely an app that keeps you connected with your buddies?Think Again.Here are 5 ways WhatsApp can be used (some of them will make you wish that you had never bought a cellphone and maybe wear T-shirts that say “ LAND-LINE PHONES … Continue reading

3 Reasons why an Indianized ‘RunPee‘ won’t work

A look at how an otherwise amazing app might not have universal appeal   Recently I came across an app called RunPee which helps you schedule your ‘peetimes’ when you watch movies!This is great for most Hollywood movies that typically does not exceed 120 min viewing time,has gone through tight editing and does not have the ‘complexities’ … Continue reading

What is the USA really trying to do on Mars?

Dinosaurs,Space Tourism and terrorists are all on the agenda   Ever wondered why the U.S is poking around in Mars for “signs of life”?Well,nobody is going to spend a ton of cash to just look for new elements,new species or “superior beings”(aliens).The research that NASA is doing currently will have far reaching implications years from … Continue reading

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