2 Reasons Why Taking Risks Can Transform Your Life

Here why you need to let go of that ‘stable’ mentality

Dhoni –who is arguably India’s most popular cricketer till date (barring Sachin Tendulkar) –radiates a kind of aura that few can replicate.In an age where most celebs have nervous breakdowns at the slightest hint of success or clutter,Dhoni is a model for those who are clueless about controlling the adulation. I have taken Dhoni as an example for this post as he is a shining example that many people can relate to and his name is synonymous with risk-taking.All his success stories seemingly stem from wild gambles but there is a method to his madness. In the recently concluded Test at Lord’s in England,Dhoni employed an unusual tactic of standing back to a spinner inviting the batsman to come down the track and possibly play a false shot.Most commentators were clueless about the strategy and only understood the significance after Dhoni explained about his tactics after the match. In the same match,Dhoni’s advice to Ishant Sharma to bowl bouncers to bait the batsmen into playing hooks/pulls was regarded as a master-move because India won the match.



This is the takeaway from this post for those of you who don’t understand the first thing about cricket  :–

1.Taking risks can be rewarding :There are always people who will praise you when you did something that they would never have dreamed of.Once in a while,one of the risks you take might not pay off and you will face a lot of criticism, but atleast you did something.

2.Risk Taking increases the fun-quotient in your life :If you closely look at people who take risks continually they have a lot of fun in their lives.Most self-actualized people are risk-takers.The rush that you get –when you see something materialize from a half-chance that you took–become a huge success,is something that has to experienced.The feeling is addictive and lends meaning to your life.


So..there it is my 2 reasons..Rewards and Fun….If you have any other reasons,please let me know in the comments section.

Photo Credit : jaymantri.com


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