Could ‘Over-Motivation’ be bad for you?

A look at why you need to control the dosage of motivational stuff in your life

Person A has decided to take control of his cluttered life,stop procrastination and to be healthy(read muscular).He figures that to start positively, it would be wise to learn from the experts and buys a few books — How to Win Friends and Influence People ,The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari and How to Think and Grow Rich (just naming a few here) – and decides to transform his physique via YouTube videos,exercise and a clean diet.Facebook posts are full of motivational stuff to let the whole world know that he is ‘changing’.

At first,Person A spends a lot of time learning about positive stuff and exercising,he barely gets time to execute his goals for the first few months and then when he does start taking action on urgent matters,he loses his grasp of the “transforming techniques” and “goes with the flow” by justifying his actions by complaining that “Real life is different”.

Does this sound familiar?

This pattern of backsliding has happened to several people(including me).The one thing which helped me to fix this problem was to identify that motivational stuff could be addictive,time-consuming and needed monitoring.

Change is gradual and should be introduced in incremental steps for a long lasting benefits.

Do not try to proceed by taking giant leaps.Read only a few chapters of whatever book you have chosen to enrich your life daily.

If you are working out,stop fantasizing too much (anything over 5 min a day is not OK)about how you will look in the future and focus only on that day’s workout.

Spend 30 – 45 min daily for your “Motivational High”. Constantly review the results and if you don’t see measurable changes, a few tweaks are needed.

If there is no visible output,the inputs are useless.

Have you had similar experiences?If you have different strategies,please share your insights in the comments section.

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