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Here’s why buying Gold cannot be “golden experience” for everyone

Most of the Gold Jewelry that is sold in India are still soldered using Cadmium (the “KDM” inscription on the ornament indicates this clearly). Using cadmium during the soldering process adversely affects the health of the artisans who solder the gold;sometimes causing cancer.Since,the soldering process does not change the composition of the end product;there is … Continue reading


Creating vs Consuming

A few months ago ,I carefully divided my activities into two categories and found that I generally derive a lot of satisfaction out of “creation activities “. Let me explain in detail :– Whenever I just read,watch movies,eat food or indulge in shopping,I am in “consumption mode”. Writing,working out ,doing a project and  helping someone else … Continue reading

Do Horoscopes give you a Plan B?

Recently I came across  a software called Jagannatha Hora through one of my office colleagues. I was surprised to learn that this software was used as a astrology tool. Look at the screenshot below The purpose of this post is not to give an illustration of the software. I am merely examining the effectiveness of astrology while … Continue reading

Biblical Evidence on Women ‘lifting’ Weights!!

Weights. The word sparks a sense of quiet disgust from women who are reluctant to lift weights and view dumbbells and barbells as tools that would create “man muscles”and distort their feminine frames. OK,I am not going to give you the same advice that you find on online fitness websites like T-nation with pictures of women … Continue reading

Whey protein for the ‘Masses’

I workout fairly regularly and have used whey protein as a supplement with fairly satisfactory results .If you didn’t know this already—whey protein is a food (derived from cheese) and the bio-availability of whey protein (meaning the ease with which the body assimilates) is far superior to other forms of protein. A lot of studies … Continue reading

6 Ways to Preserve your Health during Night shifts

With the onset of globalization,it is common for industries with global clients to have people work in a 24/7 environment.Those who get to work in night shifts are prone to a lot of health risks.I have personally had the experience of working in shifts and came up with strategies to help preserve my health.Here are … Continue reading

4 Sugar-coated statements that can make a Dent in your “Dough”

I have been watching keenly the way businesses(and banks) market to the general public and wanted to write a post about how deals are sugarcoated to influence decisions.Here are 4 strategies.. 1. “You are eligible for a personal loan/credit card loan…. “:This is a statement that grabs the attention of any one who needs some reassurance … Continue reading

You are not the Sum or Average of Anyone

I recently came across some advice (mainly on health and motivational articles) which is growing in popularity but somehow does not make any sense to  me. The advice is : “You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with”. Another variant is “you are the sum of the 5 people you hangout … Continue reading

4 Ways to Benefit from Credit Card Usage

I come across a lot of people who are of the opinion that having credit cards will expose them to a lifetime of debt.This is far from the truth.Here are 4 ways you can actually benefit from Credit card usage :– 1. When you use a credit card you postpone the payment by a month,so … Continue reading

Are you following your Life’s Mandate?

One of the most profound verses in the Bible that has made a huge impact on me is  “Go Forth and Multiply”. [Genesis chapter 9 verse 7] This was God instructing Noah and his sons to go ahead and fill the world with their ‘seed’.When you look at the verse in the context of creation,you … Continue reading

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