How much of “Movie Time” can you really afford?

Very often people wrongly attribute movie-watching to a loss in productivity. They can’t be more wrong. Movie- watching gives your mind a temporary break from everyday stress and can be used effectively to recharge your batteries (figuratively speaking) and change your perspective.

But how much of “movie time” is really beneficial?

When you watch movies in theaters,you have lesser distractions and your movie experience is completed soon. However,if you watch movies at home,the commercials that appear at regular intervals and the fact that you have a remote handy to switch to another channel, can force you into a bad-habit of multi-tasking with your movie experience.

It is now proven that multi-tasking makes you dumb.

The number of film award functions,success bashes and film review programs ensure that you spend a lot of time idolizing your star while you lose precious time; time that you could have spent building skills.

If you have been doing this (like a million other people),I recommend that you take a pen and paper (or use your computer if you are touchy about unwanted paper usage) and log your TV activities for a week and you will be surprised at the amount of time spent on aimless TV browsing.

So, the next time that you catch yourself flipping TV channels remember that you are just progressing towards a dumber version of yourself and that it is better to watch films in theaters or DVDs for lesser distraction.


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