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Food for Thought…Ugh!!

Discovered a weird correlation a few months ago and never actually thought it was a big deal but realized that there might be people out there who might benefit…here it is:–

Do you keep your toothbrush exposed in the restroom? What do I mean by exposed?Well,like this(see below)..

OK,now you might ask, SO WHAT? Now for a short science lesson….you do remember that water is constantly in a state of evaporation and condensation? Well,if your toothbrushes are located next to an open toilet bowl,guess where the water can condense!!(Water does not evaporate/condense in straight lines so just having your toothbrushes in the bathroom exposes them).

So next time you get  diarrhea or any illness that the doctor says was transmitted via the “fecal-oral route” don’t be wondering “ How did this happen? I’m Indian and I always eat with my left hand …”, just ensure that your oral hygiene goes that extra mile by placing your toothbrush(es) outside the bathroom.

P.S : I am Indian and I did have a friend who wondered aloud about the “fecal-oral route” to illness and hence this post 🙂


About Jose Gauravselvam Kagoo

Hi There!I am Jose Gauravselvam Kagoo. I am an Indian by birth but consider myself a citizen of the world ( which enables me to shamelessly switch nationalities during cricket matches). Am a nature lover and enjoy looking through the prism of life for interesting insights. All the views expressed here are my own.


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