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Myntra’s “app only” move : Boon or Bane?

A few days ago Myntra announced their shift to an “app-only” mode. Will this affect Myntra? Should Amazon.in or Snapdeal follow suit? Let’s find out:

Myntra has 10 million plus users as of now. Since Flipkart acquired Myntra,this “app only” move might be an experiment by Flipkart to determine if they can move to “app only” mode too in the future (Bansal indicated that as per reports) .What does this mean for the end user?

Apps provide an edge as offers are sent to users’ mobile via push notifications and user location data is also accurate. This enables companies to fine tune their positioning strategies. At first,Myntra might send out outrageous offers which might prompt current users to recommended to their friends (who can only avail of the offer if they have Myntra installed). Myntra will then track the app install numbers to look for a healthy spike which will pave the way for a Flipkart “app only”  mode. Flipkart (or Myntra) gets a lot of “face time” as you will be spending a lot more time on push notifications.Advertising budget on other mediums could be trimmed.

Other e-commerce competitors might not follow suit simply to differentiate themselves or the user adoption rates might convince them to go the “app-only” route.

On the downside,you will be spending more for your mobile  internet pack (Wondering what “net neutrality” fans have to say about this!!).So ,if you are going to use your mobile phone/tablet to shop make sure you use your home (or office!!) Wi-fi to avoid spending a lot on your mobile internet recharges.


Could Flipkart’s “Big Billion Day” fiasco been avoided?

Indian online shoppers who remember the aftermath of the “Big Billion Day” would recall how Flipkart apologized for the glitches by blaming their improper planning on sufficient number of servers. I really wonder if Flipkart missed a trick.

Was Flipkart unaware of the on-demand provisioning of servers feature available in Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure? If Flipkart was not aware of these services,they need a serious re-think on the technological front.

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Flipkart’s “The Billion Day” is more than a Million Dollar Idea

I was following Flipkart’s promotion of the  “The Billion Day” on 6th October (the date of the sale is the number of the flat that the business started out from) and was very impressed by the timing of the sale.Here are 3 top factors that Flipkart has considered to convert this event into a massive success :–

1.A few weeks from now, Diwali (one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India ) would have diluted any attempts to get users’ attention,simply because of the huge volume of various players offering discounts.

2.Other problems such as logistics/delivery issues that could arise during festival times were reduced greatly because of the timing of the event.

3.Most people time their purchases to coincide with the Diwali season because of the huge discounts.

Also,with the introduction of Amazon into the Indian e-commerce space,Flipkart came up with the perfect plan to ensure that it made a killing before other players could fathom what was happening.

This is also an amazing solution for people who compete for eyeballs during festivals/events–>

Create your own event.

Addendum: Flipkart sent out an apology letter the next day (Oct 6th) publicly explaining the reasons for the inadequacies and hassle that a large number of users experienced while shopping(Nothing like an apology to warm the hearts of the Indian Public). Also.though the site had a billion hits only 1.5 million people bought products—makes you wonder the scale of window-shopping that must have taken place!!

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Did FlipKart Get It Wrong?

Whenever I order books online I choose Flipkart because they deliver much ahead of the stipulated time.A couple of days ago,I was in for a shock when I noticed that FlipKart had an option to expedite delivery for an additional fee of Rs.60 (please keep in mind that I was ordering a book!).

Why have an additional fee option when your service delivers in less than 48 hours anyway?And who wants the delivery of books to be expedited?I can understand if it were clothes,phones or other accessories but books…makes no sense at all 🙂

Somebody PLEASE enlighten me!