3 Ways Visual Phrasing Will Redefine the Way You ‘Look’

Your ‘Search’ will have lesser detours/roadblocks in future

Ever looked at a photo and was unable to get all your memories lined up to identify something accurately?That situation is going to be a thing of the past with the advent of Visual Phrasing.

Though the concept of Visual Phrasing is primarily viewed as something which simplifies search and possibly reduce the significance of SEO in future,here are some of its possible alternate uses :–

Fraud Detection

Identification of people and objects will be based on algorithms that identify patterns of pre-defined colors and contours.Say you want to do a background check on someone,all you will have to do is to upload a photo and do a ‘visual search’. The results should help you to find proof.(Indian Matrimonial Sites are going to love me 🙂 ) .The downside is,jilted lovers and stalkers might use this feature in a creepy way.

Finding ‘lost’ relatives or friends

Suppose you want to find a buddy or a relative that you lost track of (Let’s assume that he/she does not have a Facebook account and has not undergone extensive plastic surgery like you saw in FACE/OFF) you can use the visual search to find them.

‘Fashion’ Advice

Suppose you want to know the correct makeup/hairdo (or) make-over that suits your face (assuming that you can’t afford expensive plastic surgery) but don’t feel like going to designer or stylist;all you have to do is upload your picture into an app (there is an app for everything nowadays,so when I say there is going to be an app,you’ve got to believe me!) and the suitable makeover is made available to you.

These are some of the possible uses I thought about.If you have any ideas,please let me know in the comments section.

(My interest in Visual Phrasing was piqued by a very interesting article that I came across on LinkedIn recently,here it is Click Here )

Photo Credit : sodahead.com




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