Facebook ‘Like’ is NOT Expressive ENOUGH

Do you really like what you ‘LIKE’ on Facebook?

A few days ago,I was reading a post about a brave woman who had survived an acid attack and noticed that a lot of people had ‘LIKED’ her story.What they had meant to convey was that they saluted her story of courage and EMPATHIZED with her rather than just LIKE.People who had the time for comments were able to convey their sentiments far more accurately.

Most people/organizations want to get a certain amount of ‘likes’ for a social cause,an urgent medical operation or a new venture.Nobody actually stops to consider what the ‘likes’ should actually mean.

For someone who does care about getting an accurate picture of the emotions in response to a post;I have a suggestion.

Facebook should include an additional feature that can complement or replace the ‘Like’ option.I call this the ‘Heart’ feature.The ‘heart’ can be in 3 colors —-pink,red,black.

Pink Heart —- Something which you like and makes you break into a faint smile,friends’ photos or a business venture.

. Red Heart ♥ —- When you feel strongly about something and want to show you empathize

Black Heart  — If you want to express your displeasure at posts e.g terrorist attacks,articles on corruption,unfairness etc .

Using the the above 3 ‘heart’ options would add more character to the responses unlike the uni-dimensional ‘LIKE’ option.

SO,Do you ‘LIKE’ this??

P.S :There was a rumor about Facebook coming up with a ‘sympathise’ button but Facebook dropped the idea after a lot of negative reactions(see below) :–




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