Can Technology prevent biased results in Boxing?

A few hours ago,I saw on TV, a tearful Sarita Devi bemoaning the decision handed out to her which left her with a bronze medal in the Asian Games 2014(Click here for more details).

The decision should have been in her favor as she had landed more punches.The number of punches landed is the criterion for victory in the absence of a knockout and if both the contestants are on the feet at the end of the stipulated rounds.

Since the number of punches  landed is the “win” criteria then the world of boxing would do well to introduce technological changes to count the number of punches (versus depending on the umpire’s verdict which can be biased).For those of you who watch cricket and are familiar with the “Hawk-eye” technology–the number of punches landed can be easily counted and used in comparison with the umpires’ final decision.The umpires can also use this option to support/verify their decisions.This will ensure that no one cries foul and avoid unnecessary controversies.

If you have any suggestions,let me know in the comments section.


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