Are Indian Movies Muting Public Conscience?

All Indian movies involving politicians and policemen have one central theme : the corrupt behavior goes unpunished till a savior (the protagonist) steps in and takes the law into his own hands to restore balance.

This post is not meant to ridicule the villains or celebrate the heroes.I want to look more closely at why so many films—that are centered around more or less the same concept i.e hero stepping in to correct the wrongdoers—are made.I live in ¬†Chennai,Tamil Nadu.I am not six feet tall.I do not weigh 200 pounds.Heck,I don’t even weigh 150 pounds.The point I am trying to make is that my appearance is not intimidating to scare anyone into action. But,whenever I have had an issue with something I have explored the relevant channels and have got answers (The trick is to always send emails as follow-ups as they serve as proof).

Indians generally watch a lot of movies and the uneducated classes get their ‘education’ from movies.When they see normal complaints/petitions thwarted on-screen,they eventually come to the conclusion that corruption is a way of life that should be circumnavigated rather than dealt with head-on.They also come to the conclusion that they are powerless against the might of the corrupt and don’t even bother to question anything as they feel that only a superhuman can face up to corrupt practices.

Most of these movies are funded by politicians and one gets the feeling that misinformation is being propagated through films by unscrupulous politicians to discourage the public from pursuing the correct course of action.

I hope that one day people in India are educated enough to get over their fears and learn to question any (or atleast some)deviation without fear of retribution.


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