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Whey protein for the ‘Masses’

I workout fairly regularly and have used whey protein as a supplement with fairly satisfactory results .If you didn’t know this already—whey protein is a food (derived from cheese) and the bio-availability of whey protein (meaning the ease with which the body assimilates) is far superior to other forms of protein.

A lot of studies wrongly associate whey protein intake with kidney damage and this view is rampant among a lot of doctors as well (whenever there is something good there are a million people to offer a contradicting view!!).Over-consumption of anything can lead to distress.

OK,now let me digress…

Because of the extremely high cost of whey protein (an average tub costs above Rs.2500) it is inaccessible to the common man in India (a liter of milk costs less than Rs.50).A solution to this would be selling whey protein in sachets (1 sachet = 1 scoop ) which would ensure that more people buy resulting in lesser cost per scoop because of increased demand and more production.

This will encourage more people to workout because of the huge reduction in cost.

This idea can be used in any country where there are similar cost barriers.

P.S : I have not mentioned any brand here because I am not endorsing anything . The sum and substance of this post is to ensure that whey protein is available as a cheap food for the  masses as most people don’t workout as they feel that protein is comparatively expensive.