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4 Reasons I Still Love SMS

As public attention shifts from one messaging app to another,the usage of SMS has become sporadic. SMS costs money whereas WhatsApp.

Viber and Snapchat just require an active internet connection (which you have to pay for anyway!!). I always wonder why people refer to WhatsApp and the like as ” free messaging services”; Haven’t they heard of the expression ” There‘s no such thing as a free lunch” ?

WhatsApp is used as a data collection source for Facebook marketing. If you are someone who doesn’t give a damn about what your friends like then you are safe from Facebook marketing 🙂

Anyway,here are my top 4 reasons fro still using SMS:-

1. Puts a cap on number of messages sent per day as each message costs money.

2.Sending a lot of SMS does not drain my phone battery unlike messaging apps which require internet connectivity.

3. No one know when I am typing out a message :WhatsApp and Viber (some of the apps that I’ve used) have a feature that shows you when the other person is typing out a reply. I guess this feature enables one to wait when someone is replying but I certainly don’t know how to answer ” I was waiting for you to reply…I saw you typing”.(Wondering if Whatsapp could include a feature to hide “typing” status…hmm).

4. You can’t see my online status : WhatsApp does have features to hide your online status but when you have a ton of contacts calibrating the settings for each one of them is tiresome. Also, the “last seen status” complicates a lot of interactions as you can never successfully multitask responding to people.


So there it is…my 4 reasons still loving SMS. Wondering if SMS will be around in 2020. Just saying…


5 Unconventional WhatsApp Uses

Use these ‘connect’ tips if you are paranoid,stalking or dealing with plain old ‘confusion’


Thought that WhatsApp was merely an app that keeps you connected with your buddies?Think Again.Here are 5 ways WhatsApp can be used (some of them will make you wish that you had never bought a cellphone and maybe wear T-shirts that say “ LAND-LINE PHONES = LESSER RADIATION = SAVE SPARROWS”).By the way,this post has been written under the assumption that all parties involved have WhatsApp installed on their phones(I am NOT A LAWYER):—

  1. Remember the last time you gave directions to someone, who after driving towards your location and reaching it, was UNABLE TO SPOT YOU (or) the landmark you referred to?Well,in future,just take a picture of yourself or the surroundings and send it to him/her via WhatsApp.(If confusion prevails,ask him to take a picture of himself/surroundings and send it to you and after meeting him glare at him ….or punch him,if you can get away with it).
  2. Think that your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse is cheating on you?Since,it is your birthright to check your boyfriend’s (am going to stick with boyfriend for now)location every now and then..you should try this.. “Hey,send me a video of what you are doing now,I miss you and wanna see you” (meaning I don’t trust your ass! ).This will discourage your boyfriend from “extra -curricular activities”.
  3. In the rarest of rare cases,where you boyfriend is a crafty guy and already has a video to fool you about his location,ask him to mention a new “code word” in each video.
  4. Ever had to deal with supervisors at work who had major trust issues?Well,the next time you are sick (or) have met with an accident (or) need to accompany someone on a medical emergency(or)attend a funeral,useWhatsApp to message a photo of your “surroundings”(example a video of you vomiting is evidence that is hard to ignore…and forget).
  5. If you are stalking someone and want to let them know that you are stalking them;you can send a ‘surprise’ video to the stalkee (which will probably end you in jail…well,anything for 15 seconds of fame).

As you can clearly see I am not a Relationship Expert and have just written this post to make the world an interesting place.If your relationship goes sour —it is because you did not have “breathing space” and were too busy “connecting on WhatsApp”…or it is KARMA.If you are a stalker who reads posts on Medium,please don’t give me credit when you are nailed;I don’t need 15 seconds of fame.

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