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One “rude” feature that E-commerce sites need

Was brainstorming with the new graphic designer at work about ‘fun’ features that e-commerce websites should have to transform user experience. Here are a few:– When a customer does a lot of aimless browsing and stuffs his “wishlist”,an animated character could appear on the page and say one of these sentences :— “Hey,you’re gonna buy … Continue reading


Skully AR-1 – The “Thinking Cap” for motorcyclists

I just came across a revolutionary motorcycle helmet called  Skully AR-1 that is set to transform the motorcycling experience of riders worldwide.I am in India and here’s what I foresee:– Important calls can be answered on the go(on the flip side you cannot give excuses about not attending calls since you were bike riding!!) Long rides would be more … Continue reading

Polybrowser — a must for multitasking

A couple of days ago, I came across a panoramic browser—Polybrowser —while spending some time on LinkedIn.Shown below is a short video explaining the functionality of the browser :– This product was released almost a year ago and is currently available for download and use. I have started using it and here are the … Continue reading

Should Paytm revise its Turn Around Time ?

I have been using Paytm to recharge my mobile for more than 6 months now and never had a problem with the service.The ease of usage and the convenience of not having to enter the  debit/credit card details repeatedly are features that got everyone hooked. Today (September 9th) , I recharged for Rs.100 and the amount was … Continue reading

Did FlipKart Get It Wrong?

Whenever I order books online I choose Flipkart because they deliver much ahead of the stipulated time.A couple of days ago,I was in for a shock when I noticed that FlipKart had an option to expedite delivery for an additional fee of Rs.60 (please keep in mind that I was ordering a book!). Why have … Continue reading

Can Movie Theaters give you the truly interactive experience you want?

You might not have to worry about the scenes you miss anymore   RunPee is an app that helps you schedule your toilet breaks(read my post on RunPee here)by identifying sections of movie that do not have a major impact on the story-line, enabling you to step out for a quick loo-break. If you needed a … Continue reading

Should YouTube evolve to protect film-makers?

Safeguarding film-makers interests’ might not be a stretch for the video sharing website   Hundreds of films get released on a monthly basis and the competition for more eyeballs was never tougher.In the backdrop of this situation, are unscrupulous people who upload entire moves (that have just been released)as a single video file or parts … Continue reading

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