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3 Ways Corruption Can Be Monitored

Corruption is something that we(Indians) have come to accept as part of our life.The reason corrupt practices continue to flourish is because of the lack of comprehensive mechanisms available.Technological changes are the way forward to ensure more transparency in all dealings(involving general public) with the government.Here are some of my suggestions :–

1.All transactions in government offices should take place in the presence of webcams. This will ensure that bribes and intimidatory behavior which might influence decisions are monitored closely.

2.Computerization of procedures should be encouraged and implemented. Most corrupt practices that take place in sectors like real estate are due to duplicate documents being used.Digitization would hinder fraudsters,as it would ensure that decisions are made quickly due to ease of access of information.

3.Justification for all repair work of public services should be clearly documented. Every wondered about why the roads that were laid a few months ago had to be dug up again to accommodate underground pipes? Poor planning might be a reason —shouldn’t someone have checked if pipes were being laid out before the new roads were laid out?Maybe,stupidity is not the reason —maybe everything is carefully orchestrated to ensure that same work is being done every 6 months instead of every few years to ensure a regular cut out of the deal?Every taxpayer has a right to know about improper use of government money.

These are some of the things that came to my mind.If you have any further suggestions,let me know in the comments section.

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