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Here’s why buying Gold cannot be “golden experience” for everyone

Most of the Gold Jewelry that is sold in India are still soldered using Cadmium (the “KDM” inscription on the ornament indicates this clearly).
Using cadmium during the soldering process adversely affects the health of the artisans who solder the gold;sometimes causing cancer.Since,the soldering process does not change the composition of the end product;there is no danger to people who wear the gold ornaments.

Jewelers throughout the world have started using Indium as an alternative to Cadmium.

Using Indium to solder gold is far more expensive but when considering the moral implications,it is definitely the ethical alternative.A huge majority of the Indian public is not aware of the ill-effects of Cadmium.

Currently Tanishq,is the only Indian jeweler to use Indium. When I was shopping at Tanishq recently, I asked the salesperson why they did not advertise this fact,he just smiled and replied that the other jewelers would be at a disadvantage (Obviously!!)

So if you are in India and you are about to buy gold jewelry marked with “KDM” spare a thought to the artisans–every minute of your happiness might potentially move them closer to death.

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