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Do Horoscopes give you a Plan B?

Recently I came across  a software called Jagannatha Hora through one of my office colleagues. I was surprised to learn that this software was used as a astrology tool. Look at the screenshot below


The purpose of this post is not to give an illustration of the software. I am merely examining the effectiveness of astrology while formulating your future plans.

I am in India and most of the astrologers I have come across use methods that vary from weirdly funny and downright stupid. I was not prepared for a software that clearly seemed to work on preset/predefined logic. After a careful demo and by checking the horoscopes of a few people including some  key historical figures,I came to the following conclusions:

Horoscopes don’t give a clearcut definition of what “good times” or “bad times” are :

The charts that indicate “Rahu  kala ” or turbulent period does not mean that you will encounter  a crippling experience. Depending on the numbers shown in a square –above 24 means increasingly difficult and less than 24 means safe– you can expect “trying times”. What this does not take into account is how resilient you may be. For example, some people thrive under difficult conditions and taking risks is a way of life for them.Imagine going up to Evel Knievel and saying that he had to postpone his stunt as it may turn out to be “dangerous”.

Horoscopes don’t indicate your happiness quotient:

At the end of the day,the real reason people turn to astrology is to check if they are  going to be happy. Horoscopes cannot define your attitude. There are thousands of people who are happy without even having the basic of amenities.

Horoscopes force you into an complacent mindset :

Admit it. The real reason you checked your horoscope was to get some external assurance/inputs. Let’s say you checked your horoscope and discover that you are in a purple patch;would you be willing to go the extra mile to get what you want.Even if you finish second best you would convince yourself that the outcome is a minor spot in an otherwise golden period and just wait for something good to happen.”Carpe Diem”goes out the window!!

Conclusion : Horoscopes are not evil and do have scientific background as they are related to the movement of the planets in relation to our beings. (Heard of Newton’s Third Law??).However,if you are not strong-willed and are easily influenced by the tiniest inkling of bad news,steer clear of astrology or horoscopes. Your mind is sensitive and your thoughts will shape your destiny.Also, “I told you so” moments never made anyone popular.