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3 Weird Cricketing Statements That Make No Sense

I have been an ardent cricket fan for more than 20 years and have picked up the nuances of the game by playing,watching & listening to commentary(I don’t know why I am telling you about my involvement with cricket;as though someone needs to provide credentials to be a cricket critic!!).I have come across 3 statements made by cricketers in the recent past that absolutely make no sense to me.Here are 3 of them:–

1.“You have to know where the off-stump is ..” Where will the off-stump be?..next to the middle stump 🙂 obviously.OK,poor joke but does not the batsman position himself according to the stump guard he takes when he comes in to bat? Cricketers talk about this aspect as though they have to practice like a blind-folded Van Damme ( in Bloodsport to know where the next punch would be).Everyone likes to add a touch of mystery to what they do…hmm.

2.“I learnt how to control the non-bowling arm….” .Most bowlers who cannot control their line have this problem.Any coach worth his salt can detect and correct this easily You just have to ensure that the non-bowling arm moves in a definite arc instead of wandering like an alien appendage.Anyway how many arms does a cricketer have? Two,like everyone else.How difficult is it to remember to control your non-bowling arm?

3. “T20 Cricket destroys Test Cricketers…” . I don’t know if people who say this are jealous of the amount of money made in IPL but I cannot see how one format can corrupt another format.If a F1 driver drives a Hyundai Eon on a crowded street would he accelerate to 100 kmph just because he is F1 driver? Having variety does not necessarily kill the flavor of anything.

Are there other cricketing statements that sound weird to you?Let me know in the comments section.