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3 Reasons why an Indianized ‘RunPee‘ won’t work

A look at how an otherwise amazing app might not have universal appeal


Recently I came across an app called RunPee which helps you schedule your ‘peetimes’ when you watch movies!This is great for most Hollywood movies that typically does not exceed 120 min viewing time,has gone through tight editing and does not have the ‘complexities’ that an average Indian movie (minimum of 2 songs,total viewing time not less than 150-180 min).Here are my reasons..

  1. Most Indian movies have huge chunks of inconsequential sections interspersed with the original story plot.Classifying something as ‘inconsequential’ would invite rage from several ‘fans’ .In India,filmstars are accorded demi-god status (here are some of the names given to them .. ‘Superstar’, ‘Universal Star’ , ‘Megastar’ , ‘Captain’ etc.) and to risk associating them with any hint of irrelevance is….well,SUICIDE.
  2. Most songs in Indian movies have completely no connection at all to the main plot but the songs (with dance routine included)serve to “release tension” and most heroines (who anyway get very little screen time) will probably be very unhappy about people going out to pee when the Songs are on .( I am not even talking about “ITEM SONGS “here).
  3. If the amount of “inconsequential time” greatly reduces the total screen time,someone who is thin-skinned is bound to throw a lawsuit(you know just to get attention….which is the NO.1 Reason people sue other people anyway).

So There it is …my top 3 reasons this app might not have a universal appeal.I have included a photo of an onion to denote the complex Indian film industry..the more layers you uncover,the more tears you shed 🙂

Folks at RunPee,if this post has offended you in anyway,please DON’T SUE ME,I can’t afford legal expenses!!

Photo by Webvilla