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Should Paytm revise its Turn Around Time ?

I have been using Paytm to recharge my mobile for more than 6 months now and never had a problem with the service.The ease of usage and the convenience of not having to enter the  debit/credit card details repeatedly are features that got everyone hooked.

Today (September 9th) , I recharged for Rs.100 and the amount was not credited to my account though I did receive confirmation SMSes from both my bank and Paytm.

I contacted the customer care (care@paytm.com)  and this was the response(see below):–


I  guess  Paytm does not have much competition from similar players as of now but shouldn’t the TAT be less than 72 hours for a Rs.100 recharge? I find this unacceptable and unreasonable.


Paytm contacted me is less than 3 hours and addressed the issue.Apparently they are taking the “Underpromise and Overdeliver” phrase a bit too seriously!!


Did FlipKart Get It Wrong?

Whenever I order books online I choose Flipkart because they deliver much ahead of the stipulated time.A couple of days ago,I was in for a shock when I noticed that FlipKart had an option to expedite delivery for an additional fee of Rs.60 (please keep in mind that I was ordering a book!).

Why have an additional fee option when your service delivers in less than 48 hours anyway?And who wants the delivery of books to be expedited?I can understand if it were clothes,phones or other accessories but books…makes no sense at all 🙂

Somebody PLEASE enlighten me!

3 Changes Indian Telecom Operators Should Make to their Service

Recently my DSL connection went down and I  instinctively checked my landline and that was down too.I immediately called Airtel (my service provider) and they informed me that since maintenance work was carried out by the ‘Corporation’ (who were replacing drainage pipes) ,we would have to wait for 24 hours for the connection to be restored.This prompted me to think about a few service improvement suggestions which I have outlined below:–

1.If the service provider is aware of changes that happen in a particular locality they should pro-actively anticipate a spike in call volume when any kind of maintenance is done and inform the customers through an automated voice when they call in:–

Here is how the flow should be :– Connection is down–>Customer call service centre–>customer is asked to enter pin code –>based on pincode entered, if there are any updates,,automated voice informs customers about a)maintenance issues (if any) for that particular area and b)expected time of resolution and customer hangs up if information given is satisfactory.

This move could reduce call volume by half and save a lot of time answering same questions.

2.When DSL connection is down for a certain period,the service provider should offer to activate 3G services in a 3G registered phone or increase the 3G memory limit on phone, if already activated, till the DSL connection is restored.A fee can be charged for this “switch feature” to be in place in case of emergencies.This is the basic idea,different permutations of this idea can be worked out according to the bandwidth available.

3.I don’t know why this is such a big deal–so many times my DSL connection was messed with because someone dug up the road to lay new roads,pipes etc and did not notice that the internet cables were underneath–should’nt there be some kind of sign painted on the wall to indicate that there are Internet cables underneath at 2 feet…??

Making these changes can reduce a lot of hassle and improve customer relations in a huge way.