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“Bribe-sourcing”–The latest tactic employed by Traffic cops

Two days ago,I went shopping in a locality near my house and parked my car in front of a jewelry store. There was no “No Parking” sign anywhere. After I returned to my car after making the purchase,I was surprised to see that the front tire of my car was “locked” by a wheel clamp (so … Continue reading

Are Indian Movies Muting Public Conscience?

All Indian movies involving politicians and policemen have one central theme : the corrupt behavior goes unpunished till a savior (the protagonist) steps in and takes the law into his own hands to restore balance. This post is not meant to ridicule the villains or celebrate the heroes.I want to look more closely at why … Continue reading

3 Ways Corruption Can Be Monitored

Corruption is something that we(Indians) have come to accept as part of our life.The reason corrupt practices continue to flourish is because of the lack of comprehensive mechanisms available.Technological changes are the way forward to ensure more transparency in all dealings(involving general public) with the government.Here are some of my suggestions :– 1.All transactions in … Continue reading