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Creating vs Consuming

A few months ago ,I carefully divided my activities into two categories and found that I generally derive a lot of satisfaction out of “creation activities “. Let me explain in detail :–

Whenever I just read,watch movies,eat food or indulge in shopping,I am in “consumption mode”.

Writing,working out ,doing a project and  helping someone else become better by lending expertise –I call these “creation activities “—provides a kind of satisfaction that is both addictive and fulfilling.

Reading is a tricky activity as reading and acquiring a lot of knowledge will not provide much intellectual stimulation if there is no output i.e  knowledge sharing  through writing,blogging,vlogging or adding business value to your project/business.

Working out helps since your healthy disposition can motivate others to improve their lifestyle.

Every person is wired differently and blessed with a different set of gifts and capabilities but at the end of the day if we are “consuming” more than we create,we are setting up a massive deficit in our lives.

Image Credit : http://www.jaymantri.com