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Are you following your Life’s Mandate?

One of the most profound verses in the Bible that has made a huge impact on me is

 “Go Forth and Multiply”. [Genesis chapter 9 verse 7]

This was God instructing Noah and his sons to go ahead and fill the world with their ‘seed’.When you look at the verse in the context of creation,you will see that it is our destiny to “go forth and multiply” .Not just by way of procreation but by creation itself.

CREATING something meaningful is the key to a lifetime of fulfillment.

One of the main reasons that people become dissatisfied with their lives is because they spend a huge amount of time studying to conform and function along expected lines to satisfy others.While the nature of some jobs might prevent you from creating something new daily,it is imperative to engage in some activity to unleash the creative potential inside you.

When you life is  a constant chain of activities that pleasure or relieve you of your stress,your life will go out of whack simply because you do not partake in “creation activities”.

Creation activities are singing,writing,playing music/games,gardening…anything that lets you express yourself by putting your personal signature to change the scheme of things.

If you are just following instructions and routine activities take up the bulk of your time,it is time to stop and introspect — do you want to be remembered for just adhering to rules? It is better to take that leap of faith to experiment by stepping out of your comfort zone than be bored and live under a false sense of security.

So are you ready to “Go Forth and Multiply”?