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Is the Anderson – Jadeja spat real?

Inside scoop on the latest cricket controversy

This conversation took place a few days before the start of the IND vs ENG (ongoing) Test series between the ECB and the BCCI :–

BCCI:”We are thinking of truncating the 5-test series to a 4 (or) 3 -test series”.

ECB: “Good Heavens!Why is that?What happened?

BCCI: We don’t think a there is a lot of interest in the Test Matches.We could include a couple of Twenty20s..

ECB :The English are not particularly interested in Twenty20s.We believe Test cricket is the ‘real’ cricket.

BCCI: Well,after the Test series loss to SriLanka,England does not seem to be a very interesting side.No KP..no Swann..we heard that Panesar won’t be playing..

ECB :Hang on,so you want interest to be generated?

BCCI: We don’t see how you can manufacture interest..

ECB: Why not?Are you looking for something along the lines of the Starc-Pollard incident..something that can go viral on YouTube?

BCCI :No…maybe something offline so that people will be hooked to the Tests waiting for something to happen on the field.

ECB:Ok..we will use Broad,Anderson or Prior to create this ‘incident’.

BCCI: Broad is not very intimidating.Most Indians check the “6 sixes in an over”incident on YouTube using their smartphones everytime he comes on to bowl.

ECB: Ok,Who will be involved in the Indian side,Zaheer is out–what about Kohli?

BCCI : No,he is practicing Yoga nowadays to control his temper and he will not indulge in anything that will sabotage his future chances of being India captain.

ECB: I know who will be perfect….Jadeja;we hear that you call him “Sir Jadeja” in India?The English are already intrigued about how he achieved Knighthood without the Queen’s intervention.He has a lot of facial hair and is close to Dhoni–the perfect reason for people to hate him.The Barmy Army will enjoy going after him.

BCCI: Ok ,sounds good.I will call Dhoni and brief him about this.He will drop a lot of hints when the press interview happens.I have to go now..Mr.Gavaskar is calling me..he still thinks he is the BCCI president.

ECB: Bye! Thank you for your co-operation that continues to strengthen our cricketing ties (YAWN!).



This post has been written with the intention of inducing a few smiles and maybe spark a few debates(sans violence).DON’T SUE ME,Please 🙂