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6 Ways to Preserve your Health during Night shifts

With the onset of globalization,it is common for industries with global clients to have people work in a 24/7 environment.Those who get to work in night shifts are prone to a lot of health risks.I have personally had the experience of working in shifts and came up with strategies to help preserve my health.Here are 6 of them :–

1. Take wheat grass supplements : Working in night shifts does not give you the time to get a balanced diet as you fall asleep when you come back and your energy levels deplete quickly. Wheat-grass is full of various vitamins,minerals and helps to balance you haemoglobin levels (Ever seen how people working in night shifts become fairer suddenly?It is not due to lack of sunlight,it is because of drop in red blood cells/haemoglobin levels.By the way 10 min sunlight is good for optimum health ).Also,Wheat grass is rich in antioxidants which will help counter the free radicals damage caused by night shift induced stress.

2.Sleep in complete darkness : It is a well known fact that the human body produces the hormone melatonin when we sleep and is produced ONLY in total darkness.Any disruption in the production of melatonin is linked to various disorders and diseases.To simulate complete darkness you can ensure that the windows of your room are covered completely to ensure darkness (or) wear dark goggles.

3.Exercise regularly. Working night shifts can can cause serious fluctuations in your blood sugar.To be able to keep awake,most people ingest atleast one high-carb meal a day.They do this to overcompensate for the loss of one meal by eating too many carbs in their next meal.This results in fat stored around the hips or love-handles which can be burnt by doing exercises like squat- to- presses,burpees, compound movements etc.Start small and work your way to atleast 15 min a day,5 times a week.(You need to evaluate if the fat that you have is insulin related,cortisol related or estrogen related before going on a fat-loss diet;I recommend following http://www.romanfitnesssystems.com to start learning about exercise.)

4.Control intake of alcohol : Night-shifts coupled with weekend boozing (even the harmless “just 2 beers”)can wreck your metabolism.Beer=empty calories and depletes your body of nutrients.That is why when you ingest a lot of empty calories in any form,your body signals you to overeat to compensate.If you are going to drink alcohol,drink in moderation and make sure you eat meals rich in veggies to compensate.Needless to say,Abstinence is the high road.

5.Time your caffeine intake: Coffee is synonymous with caffeine and is a must-have for most people who work through night-shifts.However,drinking too many cups can disrupt your sleep cycle and can cause insomnia and weakening your memory recall.Always ensure that your coffee intake is atleast 6 hours before you hit the sack to ensure optimal sleep.

6.Monitor stomach acid levels : Over a period of time,your stomach acid will become weak due to high-carb intake;to prevent this drink lime/lemon juice frequently (no sugar,you can add honey/jaggery if you want) and also fruits like papaya and pineapple (rich in digestive enzymes).A simple way to check if your stomach acid needs work–if you have acid reflux or burp frequently,you need work).

These are 6 tips that I could think of.If you have any additional tips,do let me know in the comments section.

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