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Here’s why ‘Virality’ should not be equated with Mass Approval

Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” is the most watched video on YouTube;people see it,recommend it and hundreds of others more will do so.This sets off a chain reaction initiated by one act of curiosity. If someone says “Wow”, you immediately want to check out the “wow factor”.You may or may not like it and maybe be … Continue reading


Here’s why Aamir Khan’s films are so Successful

Aamir Khan, a popular  Indian actor  is famous for his path breaking films (including PK  )that have consistently broken box office records.What makes him so successful? His Empathy. What? I am must be crazy,right? Nope.Most Indian superstars who do gigs on the small screen host celebrity talk shows or game shows. Not Aamir Khan. Aamir … Continue reading

Unfriending is not an UnHealthy Activity

If you’ve used or use Facebook in your life,you might have come across the unfriend feature and contemplated using it sometime with some hesitance.Facebook has changed the dynamics of human relationships and Unfriending someone can certainly trigger reactions, ranging from mild annoyance to deep rage. However,judicious usage of this feature is recommended. Since you are … Continue reading

Google–The Biggest Conversation Killer Ever

Google has,no doubt, transformed the way we learn and has played a massive part in simplifying the lives of millions of people.Although there are several other search engines out there, Google has become synonymous with word ‘search’. Even Governments (specifically the Chinese Government) understand its power and try to limit people’s usage to prevent unfathomable … Continue reading

5 Reasons Sachin Tendulkar cannot be the Greatest Batsman of all time

I have been a huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar since childhood and think he is one of the most exciting batsman of all time and also one of the all-time greats. But I do not consider him THE GREATEST as many Indians believe him to be .Here are my reasons:– 1. Sachin never scored a … Continue reading

Did Mark Zuckerberg Lie about WhatsApp?

When WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook earlier this year,Mark Zuckerberg pacified apprehensive WhatsApp users that Facebook would not interfere with WhatsApp and that they (Facebook and WhatsApp) would function as separate entities. All the fears that WhatsApp would start carrying ads were laid to rest and users went about their daily lives believing that the … Continue reading

Should I Fit in Somewhere?

I started this blog 4 months ago and I called it JustThunkit ; I wanted to have a blog because I thought it would be simple and effective way to document my thoughts for posterity instead of writing a diary or carving into some scrolls.When I told people about my blog initially they asked me “What … Continue reading

Here’s Why Refunds are never 100 %

REFUND. The word gives a sense of calm to people who want to experiment with a product and want an escape avenue in case their expectations are unmet (or delight to people who don’t intend to pay for anything!).Companies/online programs that offer refunds (or “money back guarantee”) are generally viewed as 100% trustworthy.I was also … Continue reading

Is the Rs.100 Crores benchmark valid for Measuring Success of Films?

If you are in India and watch films you would’ve noticed the press, movie fans and cinema industry experts constantly raving about the success of films that have crossed the magical Rs.100  CR mark. Tweets that proclaim the success of films usually include this statistic. I examined this benchmark for success more closely and here’s … Continue reading

Covetousness can stifle your Creativity

Have you ever read the 2 commandments in the Bible about covetousness ? If you have not heard of it,here they are :- “Thou shalt not covet Thy neighbor’s wife” “Thou shalt not covet their neighbor’s goods” I always wondered about why there were 2 separate laws about covetousness in the Bible and why the … Continue reading

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