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Composure amidst Chaos in Chennai

When disaster strikes,self-interest take a backseat Continue reading

9 Reasons Kapil Dev is wrong about Sachin Tendulkar

Today I was shocked when I read the sports section of the newspaper to find that Kapil Dev had stated that Sachin did not realize his full potential and that he did not have the ability to score 200,300 and even 400 (lol). My conclusion is that Kapil Dev has become senile or that there … Continue reading


Science does not equal Logic always

Very often,I come across conversations in platforms like Quora and Facebook where someone immediately dismissed the point of view of the other person just because it did not sound “logical” or is supported by science. Science was regarded as the sole benchmark for their microscopic analysis. Let’s take a look at how unreliable this point … Continue reading

500 Wi-fi Hotspots : Is Google really being generous?

Over the last 2 weeks newspapers in India had a lot of stories about the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the Silicon Valley in the United States. As Modi wrapped up his visit,there were a lot of achievements highlighted,no doubt,to accentuate the success of his visit. One of the initiatives that was lauded … Continue reading

Product Companies vs Service Based Companies : What should you choose?

A few months ago I had a discussion with one of my friends about working in product based companies. My friend had a pretty interesting career curve — Engineer to Business Development Associate to Social Media Manager to Marketing Analyst to Product Manager. I was looking at career options and wanted inputs about working in … Continue reading

4 Reasons I Still Love SMS

As public attention shifts from one messaging app to another,the usage of SMS has become sporadic. SMS costs money whereas WhatsApp. Viber and Snapchat just require an active internet connection (which you have to pay for anyway!!). I always wonder why people refer to WhatsApp and the like as ” free messaging services”; Haven’t they … Continue reading

Is the “Sheet Anchor” role still relevant in ODI cricket?

During the initial stages of the recently concluded World Cup,  Virat Kohli stated in an interview that he had agreed to play the anchor rule keeping the best interests of the team in mind:– My role in the team is to bat through, and the power-hitters can play around knowing that one end is secure. … Continue reading

Are we headed towards a “pre-Babel'” Time?

I live in India and it is a common occurrence to see Indians speak 2 or 3 languages. There are around 18 officially recognized Indian languages but the language that will help you navigate through the length and breadth of India is English. This post is not about how English as the lingua-franca facilitates communicate among diverse … Continue reading

Could Flipkart’s “Big Billion Day” fiasco been avoided?

Indian online shoppers who remember the aftermath of the “Big Billion Day” would recall how Flipkart apologized for the glitches by blaming their improper planning on sufficient number of servers. I really wonder if Flipkart missed a trick. Was Flipkart unaware of the on-demand provisioning of servers feature available in Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure? If Flipkart … Continue reading

One “rude” feature that E-commerce sites need

Was brainstorming with the new graphic designer at work about ‘fun’ features that e-commerce websites should have to transform user experience. Here are a few:– When a customer does a lot of aimless browsing and stuffs his “wishlist”,an animated character could appear on the page and say one of these sentences :— “Hey,you’re gonna buy … Continue reading

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