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Can Technology prevent biased results in Boxing?

A few hours ago,I saw on TV, a tearful Sarita Devi bemoaning the decision handed out to her which left her with a bronze medal in the Asian Games 2014(Click here for more details). The decision should have been in her favor as she had landed more punches.The number of punches landed is the criterion for … Continue reading


Should Paytm revise its Turn Around Time ?

I have been using Paytm to recharge my mobile for more than 6 months now and never had a problem with the service.The ease of usage and the convenience of not having to enter the  debit/credit card details repeatedly are features that got everyone hooked. Today (September 9th) , I recharged for Rs.100 and the amount was … Continue reading

3 LinkedIn Changes that could improve User Experience

I have been using LinkedIn for the past 6 months and noticed 3 features who would look a whole lot better if tweaked a bit.Here are my ideas:– 1.There should not be an annual subscription for Job Seeker Premium .People who are interested in seeking jobs expect to get hired as soon as possible (think … Continue reading

3 Changes Indian Telecom Operators Should Make to their Service

Recently my DSL connection went down and I  instinctively checked my landline and that was down too.I immediately called Airtel (my service provider) and they informed me that since maintenance work was carried out by the ‘Corporation’ (who were replacing drainage pipes) ,we would have to wait for 24 hours for the connection to be restored.This … Continue reading

Facebook ‘Like’ is NOT Expressive ENOUGH

Do you really like what you ‘LIKE’ on Facebook? A few days ago,I was reading a post about a brave woman who had survived an acid attack and noticed that a lot of people had ‘LIKED’ her story.What they had meant to convey was that they saluted her story of courage and EMPATHIZED with her rather than … Continue reading

ORCA can Save You —Is that Enough?

Convenience comes at a price that you should not ignore Recently I came across an interesting and amazing product called ORCA(Ocean Recreation Comfort Apparatus) ,a shark deterrent that protects you when you go out into the ocean(the product retailing is still undergoing some final touches;read more here). The device helps emit a signal that mimics a killer whale sound and scares … Continue reading

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