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3 “Non-Health” Reasons to go to the Gym

“I am going to the gym.”—This statement is generally made by puny guys (hoping to build 10 pounds of muscle) or overweight people ( hoping to lose 20 pounds of fat) or someone who is just keen on “being healthy”.

Everyone associates the gym as merely a place of exercise.I have outlined below 3 reasons that are added benefits of hitting the gym. (FYI,”hitting the gym” is a violently cool way of saying “going to the gym”.):–

1. Expand your Network

People who generally care about their health are positive people who are keen on introducing changes to their body and are open to experimentation .Also,most people who exercise like to be accountable for their results by working with a partner or a coach.If you are looking for ways to get in touch with positive,confident people who are open to risk-taking(calculated risks),the gym is one such place.

2 .Learn about Resilience

To get noticeable results in the gym,you need to be resilient.A majority of people go through the motions or drop out after a few weeks because they are not able to persevere.Learning to be consistent in spite of lack of noticeable results (oh yeah,you may get a ton of bad advice in some gyms,so learn to ignore the chatter ) is something that takes a truly strong mind to master.Most people who are able to achieve their fitness goals have the confidence to achieve things in their personal/professional life as well.

3.Expand your perspective

You will get to experience firsthand ,the people who take shortcuts (steroid usage) ,people who dream and share their dreams about their aspirations and learn from others’ mistakes.Sometimes workout techniques that you thought were rock solid might not work out for someone else.Coming into contact with people who are undergoing therapy for conditions like muscle atrophy can make you help appreciate your lot in life.

A gym experience is a microcosm of Life itself.






This Bible Verse Helps Get me Out of Bed!

Proverbs Chapter 24 

v33  lA little sleep, a little slumber,

a little folding of the hands to rest,

v34  and poverty will come upon you like a robber,

and want like an armed man.

The first time I read this verse(shown above) in the Bible,it had a profound effect on me as it seemed to indicate that grabbing a few extra minutes of sleep would lead to poverty.I thought it sounded harsh but then I did a simple analysis and understood that it was related to procrastination of any kind–do you remember all those extra 5 min that eventually became a couple of hours lost procrastinating ?Well,several instances like that and you would have lost a few years of your life!!

So I use this verse as I kind of an internal alarm clock to force myself out of bed and to stop procrastination of any kind .Just think….sleep now and get attacked when you least expect it!!..I don’t have a snooze button to shut out this verse out of my mind and it helps to get started and get back on track everytime!!

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Distribute your Time across the Age Spectrum to Enhance Learning

Here’s why increasing interaction with “old people” and children is extremely important

During my college days,most of my friends were of the opinion that “old people” could not possibly have any relevant views on the constant changes that happen around us because they were “not current”.Though this seems to be the general view of all teenagers,it is VERY FAR from the truth.

People above 50 have  experienced a lot in their lives and you can learn a lot from their mistakes.I always say this :

Learning from others’ mistakes is an integral part of learning.

Also,’old’ people look at things in a different way which can be both eye-opening and fun.Though we are in a day and age where anything can be searched via Google ,the facts and their context which you can learn from  real conversations can never be undermined.

Nobody likes to reinvent the wheel.

If you want to avoid a lot of time re-learning things,spending some time with “experienced people” should be on your life and career agenda.

Most people just regard children as ‘beginners’ who should be indulged and smiled at.Children generally don’t have any preconceptions and are like a sponge for learning (until they are ‘educated’).The power of children was highlighted by Jesus Christ in the Bible when he said

 “Leave the children alone, and don’t try to keep them from coming to Me, because the kingdom of heaven is made up of people like this.” Matthew Ch19 verse 14.

The essence of the above quote indicates that retaining a child-like wonder for things is essential to achieve greatness.Interacting with children does improve your entire well- being and keeps your soul light.


The common excuse that people give for avoiding “old people” and children is that they are slow and take up a lot of energy.

Life is short but you’ve got to remember that you were a kid once and will be an old man in the future.

The memories of your interactions will expand your perspective ,add to your inventory of ideas and make you a well-rounded person.So the next time you feel like spending time with people in “your age group” only,think again 🙂

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6 Ways Indians spruce up their Facebook Profile before marriage

Common FB behavior patterns displayed before Indian marriages

After looking at thousands of FB posts (I am not a stalker just a caring and curious friend 🙂 ) ,I have finally established 6 behavior patterns among Indians who are looking to get married (especially “arranged marriages”).Here they are:–

1.Photos of swimsuit wear suddenly disappears (removed/hidden from view thanks to Facebook’s constantly evolving security settings).

2.Videos of cute babies doing cute stuff are shared and commented on. Most of the time, guys comment on posts of girl babies (or)girl relatives below the age of ten.(“Had an awesome time with my niece”…)

3.Friends from the opposite sex whose profile photo does not clearly show who they are, are unfriended (or) Friends information hidden.

4.Photos of hugs,cake-smeared buddies (with the opposite sex ) are removed/hidden to prevent speculation of any kind.Photos showing any kind of affinity towards alcohol are removed to paint a ‘conservative’ image.

5. A review is done of all the groups that have been ‘Liked’ and the ‘Likes’ removed for groups that suggest any kind of contrary behavior patterns.(In arranged marriages,a background check is done and the tastes of the person is a huge indicator).


6.Family/Extended family photos suddenly start appearing on the timeline.(Underlying message : “Check out my cool relatives” ,”We’re just a big HAPPY and LOVING FAMILY” or “I am not a sociopath”).

This post might be more relevant to Indians though I suppose some of the patterns are followed globally.

If you have seen other behavior patterns,please let me know in the comments section 🙂


Reconfigure Your Senses To Increase your Creativity

A look at how managing the ‘load’ on your senses can prove beneficial

Have you ever wondered about the acute sense of touch and hearing in blind people?Some people point out  that being blind helps them to develop their other senses to be more ‘aware’.

Being able to perceive situations and look at the unknown among the myriad of possibilities is key to unlocking your creativity but sometimes due to constant exposure to distractions, we increasingly find it difficult to focus on the substance of issues and our ability to think and create is affected greatly.

Digital detox is one of the ways suggested to re-awaken the senses.While doing a digital detox definitely has merits,there are other ways in which you can hone your senses to achieve a heightened sense of awareness.Sometimes,noticing that one extra detail is what results in creative ideas.Here are some of the ways in which you can re-configure your senses.

1)Limiting Visual Input : Say,you have read the book The Wizard of Oz. After reading the book,you etch the characters in your mind according to certain pre-conceptions or your current knowledge level.But then,you see a movie where a witch is physically depicted in a certain way.The next time you read a book,you will automatically think about a witch as having a hooked nose (unless the description says otherwise).Too much of TV,movies, video games,smartphones etc can impair our ability to think for ourselves as we constantly get bombarded with images and our “mind’s eye” has a hard time coming up with something original.(Did you know that Daydreaming 10 min a day enhances visualization capabilities?)

2)Limiting auditory input : If you are one of those that like to be wired always i.e Headphones ON always or whenever they move from one activity to another,you need to take a break..Nowadays,most music players have provisions to create your own playlist and some people mix and match several genres while creating their personalized playlist.This will force your mind to adjust a lot but overdoing or doing it for a prolonged period of time,will impair your ability t to  “tunnel -vision” which is essential for certain tasks.(For people in the music industry,Music is the main focus but several musicians sometime take time off of their music to help reinvent themselves.)

3)Limit your speech :You might have noticed that sometimes keeping quiet has its benefits in increasing your productivity(“Talk less,DO More”).Well,when you stop speaking your mind is free to be utilized for other activities .(I am talking about reducing idle speech here).  

4)Intermittent Fasting : Fasting helps you become mentally active and makes your healthier overall .If you do get a copy of Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon,make sure you read it cover to cover (it is not a big book) to understand the significance of including fasting in your daily lives. (Please note I am not being paid to promote the book,I am just sharing my experience)

So there it is… 4 tips to help you sharpen your senses and to stop yourself from getting bogged down.The key to implementing these tips is to understand that first you need to identify which of your senses is being overworked and give that particular ‘sense’ a break.For example,if you are relatively quiet,there is no point in becoming more quiet.Stopping to fine-tune your senses by modulating exposure is more doable for people who are finding it difficult to do a “digital detox” straightaway.

Let me know what you think in the comments section.


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2 Reasons Why Taking Risks Can Transform Your Life

Here why you need to let go of that ‘stable’ mentality

Dhoni –who is arguably India’s most popular cricketer till date (barring Sachin Tendulkar) –radiates a kind of aura that few can replicate.In an age where most celebs have nervous breakdowns at the slightest hint of success or clutter,Dhoni is a model for those who are clueless about controlling the adulation. I have taken Dhoni as an example for this post as he is a shining example that many people can relate to and his name is synonymous with risk-taking.All his success stories seemingly stem from wild gambles but there is a method to his madness. In the recently concluded Test at Lord’s in England,Dhoni employed an unusual tactic of standing back to a spinner inviting the batsman to come down the track and possibly play a false shot.Most commentators were clueless about the strategy and only understood the significance after Dhoni explained about his tactics after the match. In the same match,Dhoni’s advice to Ishant Sharma to bowl bouncers to bait the batsmen into playing hooks/pulls was regarded as a master-move because India won the match.



This is the takeaway from this post for those of you who don’t understand the first thing about cricket  :–

1.Taking risks can be rewarding :There are always people who will praise you when you did something that they would never have dreamed of.Once in a while,one of the risks you take might not pay off and you will face a lot of criticism, but atleast you did something.

2.Risk Taking increases the fun-quotient in your life :If you closely look at people who take risks continually they have a lot of fun in their lives.Most self-actualized people are risk-takers.The rush that you get –when you see something materialize from a half-chance that you took–become a huge success,is something that has to experienced.The feeling is addictive and lends meaning to your life.


So..there it is my 2 reasons..Rewards and Fun….If you have any other reasons,please let me know in the comments section.

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Could ‘Over-Motivation’ be bad for you?

A look at why you need to control the dosage of motivational stuff in your life

Person A has decided to take control of his cluttered life,stop procrastination and to be healthy(read muscular).He figures that to start positively, it would be wise to learn from the experts and buys a few books — How to Win Friends and Influence People ,The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari and How to Think and Grow Rich (just naming a few here) – and decides to transform his physique via YouTube videos,exercise and a clean diet.Facebook posts are full of motivational stuff to let the whole world know that he is ‘changing’.

At first,Person A spends a lot of time learning about positive stuff and exercising,he barely gets time to execute his goals for the first few months and then when he does start taking action on urgent matters,he loses his grasp of the “transforming techniques” and “goes with the flow” by justifying his actions by complaining that “Real life is different”.

Does this sound familiar?

This pattern of backsliding has happened to several people(including me).The one thing which helped me to fix this problem was to identify that motivational stuff could be addictive,time-consuming and needed monitoring.

Change is gradual and should be introduced in incremental steps for a long lasting benefits.

Do not try to proceed by taking giant leaps.Read only a few chapters of whatever book you have chosen to enrich your life daily.

If you are working out,stop fantasizing too much (anything over 5 min a day is not OK)about how you will look in the future and focus only on that day’s workout.

Spend 30 – 45 min daily for your “Motivational High”. Constantly review the results and if you don’t see measurable changes, a few tweaks are needed.

If there is no visible output,the inputs are useless.

Have you had similar experiences?If you have different strategies,please share your insights in the comments section.

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Flush It Down!

Going from ‘stuck’ to ‘unstuck’

There are times in the past when I constantly went into a self-convincing mode to justify my continuance with a person or a habit that seemed to cause a lot of heartburn (not the acid reflux type)and waste a lot of time.

After a while,I trained myself to visualize something which has helped me to “let go” easily .I don’t know if you will feel comfortable with it,since it is a crude analogy….well,here it is—after I finish my toilet routine in the morning, I look down at the toilet bowl before flushing (I just look at it objectively :-),not the way Robin Sharma advocates people to gaze thoughtfully,full of love at flowers,plants etc in the morning to kick-start an influx of positive energy ).

What I see,is something which slightly nauseates me (obviously!) and reminds me that what I was looking at, was part of my body a few minutes ago and that it resulted from the food —delicious or nutritious—-that I ate and that those are the remnants of something which was supposedly beneficial hours ago.


This is the way I deal with unpleasant situations,toxic people and bad habits.I reflect for a moment about the positives gleaned from the experience,thank them in my mind and then flush them out of the recesses of my mind.

“Continuously looking back is a sure-fire way to slow down progress” —Unknown

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