Here’s why a personal “tortoise shell” is necessary for personal and career growth

FOMO is something that everyone goes through nowadays because of the deluge of new content on social media and content platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Visibility is given a lot of importance as continuous and multiple interactions are viewed as the recipe for increasing one’s sphere of influence. However, it is important to prioritize one’s own self development and spiritual goals and take a brief departure from the buzz of interactions. This stance can help you recharge and introspect about the way ahead disengaged from the outside world. So, deploying your “tortoise shell” needs some minor adjustments to your life. You can do this by following the tips outlines below:

  • Take a sabbatical
  • Take a break from your your social circle
  • Work on one or 2 high priority goals

Let’s look at each of the above in detail:

Take a sabbatical

Sometimes going through the grind day in and day out does not give enough bandwidth for a person to introspect and re evaluate one’s goals. I am not advocating quitting your job suddenly but if you feel that you need a change of pace and want to switch careers. It is advisable to time the sabbatical whenever you are switching jobs and the length of the sabbatical should typically be between 1 and 3 months for you to reset and unfurl your new roadmap.

Take a break from your your social circle

Sometimes a break from the social circle is best release one can get as one seeks to unclutter their mind. Outside opinions and external influences are difficult to disengage from when one seeks to make career/ lifestyle changes. The break from the social circle is something that you can time to overlap with your sabbatical time. This tactic is mostly recommended if you are a introvert or an ambivert. One can also consciously decide to not get influenced by any external influences for a period of time and still be in touch (but this requires great discipline as conversation threads can reverberate in your memory forcing you to second- guess.

Work on one or 2 high priority goals

Time during a “tortoise shell” period can be used effectively to focus on and pursue goals like doing a certification or course(s) that you feel will give you an edge. One does not need to broadcast about the type of goals that one is working on during this period as that would invite more opinions. Those very close to you (most times this just means family) are the ones that need to be in the loop as you make incremental progress on your goals.

So, there it is: my 3 point plan for resetting and continuous growth. The above 3 points need lot of planning and single minded dedication to execute. I would like to recommend 2 books that expand upon the principles that I outlined in this post: DeepWork by Cal Newport and 7 Habits of Highly Effective people by Stephen Covey. Hope this post helps you 🙂


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