How to Not Give Directions!

Learning to give proper directions to a destination does not necessarily provide you an edge in any way but can certainly save a lot of time for people receiving the instructions!!
I live in Chennai where it is quite easy to get directions(not necessarily accurate) as people here are very helpful.On a couple of occasions I got directions that were really weird. I’ve decided to repeat the scenes so that you get a sense of my bewilderment :

Scenario 1:

Me : “So,How do I get to the marriage Hall?”

Direction-giver:” Ok,so all you have to do is take a right and then take a left and keep going till you reach the main Bus Stand.But the main Bus Stand is not what we want,there is another small bus stop which is the 2nd stop from the the Main Bus Stand which is actually on the way but it is not a landmark so you will miss it anyway; so better find the main Bus Stand first!!”

Me :What!!??

Scenario 2:

Me : How do I get to the RTO (Regional Transport Office)?

Direction-Giver: Bus-Right, Bus-Left…(in almost the same tone used by the old Chinese Master in the Karate Kid movie).

At first,I thought I was not able to understand his accent clearly and ventured a guess:” First- right? First-left?

Direction-Giver: No,no…Bus-Right, Bus-Left….follow the bus..take right where the bus takes a right and take left where the bus takes a left!

Me :Okay! ( I was dumbstruck as I was driving a car and there was no way I would reach my destination following a bus weaving its way through heavy traffic!!)

Just wanted to share these incidents with everyone out there ,have a great weekend ahead 🙂


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