Here’s why you need a healthy dose of irreverence

More often than not to alter the status quo,one need an important additional characteristic besides an inquiring mind. This trait may be mistaken for arrogance or cockiness but I generally rate it slightly above “quiet confidence”. The trait that I am talking about is Irreverence.

Wait,did I just advocate irreverence? Yes.Irreverence does not mean that you go around mouthing off challenges to everyone who is on your supposed path to glory.You don’t have to be vulgar or abusive to showcase your irreverence.Irreverence is like a prism that splits the light into different colors without bothering too much about the process.Sometimes when we are bogged down by opinions and reputations,decision making becomes a labored process as we may end up paying too much attention to doing something “the right way” by being people-pleasers rather than just focusing on the result-yielding process.

In a team environment,individuals should be empowered to take decisions without worrying about bruising egos or bypassing protocols.In other words, Being irreverent. Sometimes cultural setups force us to behave in a certain way but organizations who understand the value and significance of irreverence are the ones that generally create an atmosphere where disruptive innovation comes to fruition.


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