500 Wi-fi Hotspots : Is Google really being generous?

Over the last 2 weeks newspapers in India had a lot of stories about the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the Silicon Valley in the United States. As Modi wrapped up his visit,there were a lot of achievements highlighted,no doubt,to accentuate the success of his visit.

One of the initiatives that was lauded was Google’s future plans of introducing free Wi-Fi at 500 Indian railway stations;this move was appreciated by everyone as  it would connect India and would provide a whole lot of benefits to people. Say,you are one of those people who use apps to book taxis and make payments while travelling between places,having Wi-Fi would turn out to be a huge blessing.

But does India need Google to provide free Wi-Fi? How is this a big initiative from a company of Google’s stature?

Let’s hope that for logging into the “Google Wi-Fi” users are not required to enter their Google account credentials as an additional authentication step which would enable Google to collate and compile the users’ online behavior (A perfect win-win situation).

Delhi’s (one of the Indian states)  Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal promised to introduce free Wi-Fi to entire state of Delhi if elected and Google’s gesture pales in comparison! Is the Indian Government right in hyping up Google’s gesture? There seems to be more to the move than meets the eye.


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