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HDFC Demat Account needs to become more transparent

I opened a demat account recently with HDFC Bank with the intention of learning the ropes of trading/investing and found a few things along the way that could be a bit more transparent for account holders.For example, the way the demat account dashboard just displays the Unrealized Profit/Loss* status without including the Brokerage fees information. Someone who does trading or investing in large amounts will surely know the significance of brokerage fees (though taxed at .5 or .25 ,brokerage fees does pinch your pocket over a long period of time).

So, HDFC Bank would do well to display brokerage fees details (not sure if the demat account of other banks/financial institutions include this information)if not daily atleast at the end of every month.This would present a true picture of how far one’s trading forays or investments are successful.

I am sure every demat account holder would welcome more detailed information as more and more services are increasingly moving towards demystification of all types of hidden costs in the quest to add more value to the end user.


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