Can Digital Food Ordering reduce Carbon Footprint?

Just read an article about digital food ordering increasing to 300 percent compared to dine-in traffic. This is due to  a large number of people opting to order-in using apps or websites like which most restaurants are increasingly starting to use to attract and retain customers.

The spike in digital food ordering has a direct influence on global warming as well.

Let’s say for example, a family dines at a restaurant 10 KM away and visits using a car. It is common knowledge that  bikes (which most food delivery services use) offer better mileage than cars. Hence,a 2-way trip on a bike consumes lesser fuel.

Also, a person doing a delivery to your doorstep more often than not accommodates multiple deliveries within a single “trip” making digital food ordering a more cost-efficient and fuel-efficient choice.

So,the next time you feel guilty about not carpooling,you can do some Digital Food Ordering to do your bit to reduce global warming.


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