Are we headed towards a “pre-Babel'” Time?

I live in India and it is a common occurrence to see Indians speak 2 or 3 languages. There are around 18 officially recognized Indian languages but the language that will help you navigate through the length and breadth of India is English.

This post is not about how English as the lingua-franca facilitates communicate among diverse masses. A story from the Bible I’ve read flashed through my mind in a different context a couple of days ago.

The Biblical story of “The Tower of Babel” which provides an introduction to the origin of languages explains how God separated the people by languages to discourage them from their vain attempts to reach Heaven.

A lot of countries are still very proud of their culture and would not speak in English unless they obviously have to.Even in India,there are various sects which condemn the spread of Westernization lamenting the demise of tradition and culture.

At the end of the day,we are all human beings separated by complex ideologies but what would happen if we all spoke the same language?

Maybe this was the Plan all this time? God made us speak in different languages so that we would “go forth and multiply”.

When the time is right,maybe we would all speak and understand the same language to eventually reach the Original Destination–> Heaven.

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