Social Media Insights for Recruiting– Are they reliable?

An increasingly common occurrence that job seekers experience these days is recruitment portals requesting access to their social media profiles.

Recruitment as an activity is becoming more complex by the day with the increase in the number of candidates.The fact that a resume can easily be manipulated to enhance one’s prospects calls for a more reliable method of determining candidature.

For prospective employers (and the recruitment personnel) access to the applicant’s social media profiles makes their job easier as it provides them various insights;something that a face-to-face interview might not reveal completely.

The content that is posted/shared on platforms like Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn is dissected to look for attitudinal deficiencies or red flags (the criteria for these red flags varies from company to company depending on the scope of the role) that might provide key indicators while determining suitability to role.

But is this a fool-proof method to determine the suitability of a candidate?

One of my friends (who is super smart and whose name I will not reveal here for obvious reasons) has 2 Twitter accounts—-on one account he tweets only about motivational stuff and it is this account that is linked to his LinkedIn profile.

How does the HR or a prospective employer ‘judge’ his mindset?

What if everyone created multiple Facebook/ Twitter accounts and provided access to the “more professional” profiles?

Let me know if you have any comments.

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