Here’s why Aamir Khan’s films are so Successful

Aamir Khan, a popular  Indian actor  is famous for his path breaking films (including PK  )that have consistently broken box office records.What makes him so successful?

His Empathy.

What? I am must be crazy,right? Nope.Most Indian superstars who do gigs on the small screen host celebrity talk shows or game shows.

Not Aamir Khan.

Aamir Khan hosts the very popular “Satyamave Jayate” which is viewed by around 500-600 million Indians and in over 150 countries (Source :Wikipedia) which helps bring to light common ills plaguing the common man(woman) in India. He talks,listens and sometimes cries along with the audience revealing his human side.

Unlike most superstars who may do a couple of shows for charity, Aamir Khan has touched the Indian people with his social consciousness and deep empathy  through his active participation in “Satyamave Jayate”.

Aamir Khan shows he cares and the people reciprocate by watching his films as they feel that any film that Aamir stars in, will be a reflection of his character and thoughtful nature.

So if you take into account his number of his “social fans” (the ones who admire him for his social conscience) you will get a clue on why his films constantly break box-office records.

Not sure you understand my logic. Read Is the Rs.100 Crores benchmark valid for Measuring Success of Films?


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