Skully AR-1 – The “Thinking Cap” for motorcyclists

I just came across a revolutionary motorcycle helmet called  Skully AR-1 that is set to transform the motorcycling experience of riders worldwide.I am in India and here’s what I foresee:–

  • Important calls can be answered on the go(on the flip side you cannot give excuses about not attending calls since you were bike riding!!)
  • Long rides would be more enjoyable with the integrated music feature included.
  • Motorcycle manufacturers may eventually say good-bye to rear-view mirrors thus reducing overall bike design costs.
  • The 180 degree viewing angle view from the rear view camera may encourage usage among joggers who may want to look out for stalkers!!

See what users have to say about it :–

This product is yet to go into large-scale production but when it is available I am pretty sure that it would save a lot of lives .Looking forward to seeing it in India soon!


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