Unfriending is not an UnHealthy Activity

If you’ve used or use Facebook in your life,you might have come across the unfriend feature and contemplated using it sometime with some hesitance.Facebook has changed the dynamics of human relationships and Unfriending someone can certainly trigger reactions, ranging from mild annoyance to deep rage. However,judicious usage of this feature is recommended. Since you are bound to receive friend requests from anyone who is in your phone contact list nowadays thanks to Facebook using Whatsapp as a data collection source ,it is time to ensure that you filter the kind of content that comes up in your feed through your friend.

My suggestion: Unfriend people beyond a certain number.You might be led to believe that wishing people on their birthdays strengthens relationships.True.For close friends and close relatives.
If you have a lot of office friends on Facebook from previous companies,you should add them to your LinkedIn network and get endorsements from them and only then wish them on their birthdays in LinkedIn!You can also do this for your current professional contacts –“You are already in my LinkedIn network so…..”.Some people just want to track your life and make you the topic of their groups’ gossip. You may just limit their view of your timeline by sharing to specific groups but that does not work effectively because your mutual friend might not be able to close his/her mouth!!

So unless you are obssessed about getting a ton of likes to up your Klout score,unfriending people can actually help you breathe easier and live a uncluttered life albeit the initial pinpricks.

P.S:Not accepting the friend request the first time is for people blessed with tremendous foresight in identifiyng “frenemies”:-)


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