Google–The Biggest Conversation Killer Ever

Google has,no doubt, transformed the way we learn and has played a massive part in simplifying the lives of millions of people.Although there are several other search engines out there, Google has become synonymous with word ‘search’. Even Governments (specifically the Chinese Government) understand its power and try to limit people’s usage to prevent unfathomable (or imagined) consequences.

However,Google has also reduced interaction in our lives causing us to be less social. You can no longer walk up to someone like in the pre-Google days to get something clarified as they might utter those deadly words:

“You can Google it”

The aftermath is something that is dependent on the size of your ego.

Google It means “You are a lazy moron that does not know how to search for information”.

People who are adept at “Googling” for solutions to all their problems seem to have some kind of aura of superiority emanating from them. Lesser mortals who might not be well-versed with all the Google tricks need to be able to struggle their way.

You will be viewed as though you did not know that the latest edition of the Bible Dictionary had the verse “Ask,seek,knock..” interpreted as “Google It”. (I am pretty sure that you may one day hear one of your pastors say “You are not Googling properly…”).

Our view of  real conversations and stronger relationships have undergone a sea change with the advent of Google and has insulated us from each other in numerous intangible ways. No doubt there are apps like WhatsApp that keeps us “connected” but the joy of discovery through interactions ,by piecing together mismatched facts to try and get a pattern is something that you might not experience to a great degree in a search engine.

Anyway,somewhere in the future,Google might return my article as a search result for “Conversation killer” so I am happy as of now 🙂


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