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Does Casteism exist among road users in India?

I am in India and the only country I have traveled to outside of India is Sri Lanka. It has been well over 10 years since I last visited SriLanka so I am not sure of the behavior of road users there.

In India, road users have only one rule while driving — “Drive without hitting anyone “. Traffic rules are flouted continuously and no one gives a damn as long as everyone is safe. Traffic cops interfere to collect “pocket money” to supplement their salaries than out of sense of duty. I never rode a cycle or bike in my life and my first vehicle was a car – a Hyundai Eon. When I was beginning to learn to drive,I observed 2 behavioral aspects of Indian road users that I found slightly disagreeable  (these are unwritten laws so don’t bother Googling about them ).

Cycles should always ride near the edges as they don’t pay road tax or consume petrol . (There are no separate cycle lanes in India anyway).

Don’t overtake cars that are more expensive or bigger than yours.

I don’t think I have to elaborate on what I outlined above as they are self -explanatory but this is what I realized:

Should people who support the right to equality in everything be more composed in their “road behavior”.

You can talk about the equality of races till you go blue in the face but if you are being aggressive towards someone just because their car is smaller,aren’t you being a hypocrite?

Maybe we all let off some steam or repressed feelings by channeling our need to embrace inequality through our road behavior?

In the title of this post,I use the word “casteism” which may not be appropriate for this post;maybe we should coin a new word for road users or  just accept that we all welcome or nurture unequal treatment at some level or form in our lives. Well,as long as we drive through life without causing hurt or “Drive without hitting anyone “,everything should be okay??Let me know.

About Jose Gauravselvam Kagoo

Hi There!I am Jose Gauravselvam Kagoo. I am an Indian by birth but consider myself a citizen of the world ( which enables me to shamelessly switch nationalities during cricket matches). I like to read extensively, watch movies, dissect everyday aspects of life and learn continuously. All the views expressed here are my own.


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