Biblical Evidence on Women ‘lifting’ Weights!!


The word sparks a sense of quiet disgust from women who are reluctant to lift weights and view dumbbells and barbells as tools that would create “man muscles”and distort their feminine frames.

OK,I am not going to give you the same advice that you find on online fitness websites like T-nation with pictures of women with incredibly toned abs.That would make you one of the “naysayers” who point out that the articles are paid and don’t have an ounce of truth (which is incorrect) and that the photos are those of models (which is correct).

I am going to give you Biblical evidence that beautiful and hot women lifted weights 🙂

Ok,if you are one of the those who don’t believe in the Bible,stop reading now.If you believe,continue reading (read on anyway,you might have something to talk about..)
In Genesis Chapter 24 (this is not a sermon,I promise),you will find the story of Abraham’s servant who is tasked with finding a wife for Isaac.He comes across Rebecca (who is described as very beautiful) and she offers him a drink and proceeds to give a drink to his camels too!! (The latter part of the story is not relevant to the point I am about to make so I will not expand upon it;if you are curious, read the Bible 🙂

So….back to the part about Rebecca giving a drink to a man and his camels(There were 10 of them ).
An average camel drinks around 100-130 litres when it is thirsty.

So 10 camels = 1000 litres (assuming they just drank 100 litres)

Since we are talking about the Bible times,it is safe to assume there was no motorized equipment of any sort to help draw the water out.

So,Rebecca made several trips to a well (with a pulley–let’s assume) and used the pitcher (with a 5-10 litre capacity) and rope atleast 180-200 times.
For the mathematically challenged,1000/5=200 (for a 5-litre pitcher) and 1000/10=100 (for a 10-litre container).
That is she had to pull and lift the pitcher around 100-200 times to satisfactorily quench the thirst of the 10 camels.

5 litres is approx equal to 5 kilograms.So Rebecca’s effort was equivalent to lifting a 5 kg dumbbell 200 times or a 10 kg dumbbell 100 times (I am just pointing out the poundage without concentrating on the type of lift).The fact that Rebecca offered to do the deed in the first place shows that she was prepared for this task as she was sufficiently strong through practice!

So,if Rebecca can lift weights regularly and still look very beautiful,all women out there should start lifting more instead of sticking with the pathetic pink dumbbells at the gym (which is only of use to people who are recovering from injuries primarily).

Hope you liked my Biblical reference to women (or woman) lifting weights.Have a nice day!!


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